Why Invest

Reasons To Invest In Diamante Minerals

  • The project management team is highly experienced, having discovered the world class Ekati Diamond Mine in Canada’s north.
  • This has been Ekati founder Chuck Fipke’s sole personal project. The knowledge and experience that Chuck brings to the organisation is unparalleled and his driving force and understanding is key to this project’s success.
  • To date Dr. Fipke has invested over $5M of his own money into the project, demonstrating his belief and commitment.
  • Exceptionally large diamonds up to 300 carats in size have been found in the claims area by artisanal miners.
  • The project is accessed by a well-maintained road network.
  • The project’s results to date point to the potential that exists to find one or more kimberlites containing large, high quality diamonds, similar to those that have been recovered from the stream gravels. Such kimberlites could prove to be a highly profitable mine.
  • In the coming years the demand for gem quality diamonds is expected to outstrip supply. This imbalance is expected to further increase diamond prices.

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