Company Vision

Diamante Minerals has a number of goals within the company vision, all aimed at developing a professional team capable of maximising our shareholder’s investments and company growth.

Goals Within The Company Vision

  • To build a globally-active team of mine finders focused on the discovery of value deposits
  • Enhance and grow shareholder value
  • Protect and sustain the environment in the regions in which we work
  • Create positive economic and social impact on local communities where we operate

Diamante Minerals Future

The vision and mission on which Diamante Minerals are set highlights the companyís willingness to approach business with a definite objective, working towards everyoneís benefit in a responsible and professional manner. Diamante Minerals see the future very clearly and have the stated intent of being a leading business within it, no matter where around the world we are working. We recognise the importance of business networking and through employing experts in all areas and liaising with local people, we believe we can make a real difference.

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